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Statues & Street Furniture


Throughout the city can be found a number of statues and street furniture, some old and some new. This page aims to show a sample of these and will be added to as I find and photograph more of them.


Michael Thomas Bass


Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie)



Boy with A Ram




Florence Nightingale


Market Place War Memorial


Electrical Transformer

This is an electrical transformer for the trolley buses which once ran throughout the town. It is made of cast iron in 1893 by Walter McFarlane of the Saracen Foundry in Glasgow

It can be found on Friargate


Boden's Pleasurence Gates


The gates in the 2 pictures above once formed the entrance to Bodens Pleasurance, a small garden donated to the town by Mrs Boden of Friargate house in the 18th century in memory of her husband. Today the site is covered by bold lane multi-story carpark with the just the gates surviving largely unnoticed by the general public


Derby Ram



Inscription Stone at Exeter Place

Inscription stone at Exeter Place

Inscription stone at Exeter Place