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Derby from above

All of these photos were taken from the top of the cathedral tower.

The Local Studies Library


looking across Sadlergate and the Wardwick


Queen Street and Irongate (above & below)


View along the ancient North/South trackway


Queen Street and the Local Studies Library


Looking towards the historic Silk Mill


Charles Aslin's Council House and magistrates court with the river and Bass rec in the background


St Mary's Church designed by AWN Pugin


Th eJoseph Wright College



The following set of pictures were taken from the other end of the city, on top of the Cockpit Car park


View along the Morledge


The new Bus Station complex


The Skate park on Bass rec


Looking over Castlefields


The DRI in the background


Pride Park football stadium - home to Derby County


Westfield Shopping centre


View across Castlefields




The Co-op building with the famous Co-op cow on the side


The new Bus station


Panorama of the city from the Rowditch

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